Master Bedroom Suite

How to Design a Master Bedroom Suite

master bedroom suite bathroom vanitiesOne of the most expensive and most popular home improvement and room addition projects is constructing a master bedroom suite. Whether you bought an older house that lacks a luxurious bedroom or your current bedroom lacks the amenities you desire, a master bedroom suite can be the perfect answer for you to combine luxury and functionality.

Master bedroom suites are valuable home extensions that provide you with a personal space to relax and sleep comfortably. Master additions may vary in complexity depending on one’s personal preferences and budget. Generally, a master suite spreads over 400 square feet and includes a walk-in closet, a spacious bedroom, and a luxury bathroom. The optional amenities include entertainment center, sitting area, vanity station, fireplace, walk-in shower, soaking tub, designer toilet, and many others.

Major Considerations of Designing a Master Bedroom Suite

When it comes to designing your master bedroom suite, it is important to take everything into consideration that you feel is essential for your family’s comfort and convenience. Bedroom is the place where you spend a third of your life; therefore, make sure to integrate key components such as color scheme, lighting, and furniture to create a comfortable yet functional personal space.

Before you start working on constructing your personal sanctuary, you should assess your needs to determine what elements you will require in your bedroom to rest and relax. After assessing your needs, you will be able to prioritize your preferences for the bedroom location, design layout, amenities, furniture, lighting, and color theme. Do not forget to assess your budget limitations. It is also very important to evaluate the impact of adding a bedroom suite on the value of your house.

Location of the Master Bedroom Suite

Location is one of the primary considerations of designing a master suite. Usually there are two options to consider when it comes to selecting a location for the construction. You may build a master bedroom at the ground level or opt for a second-story bedroom suite.

Constructing a second-story bedroom suite requires upgrading the existing building structure, which may incur additional costs. Ground-level suites usually cost less and their construction takes lesser time, but it is important to consider the privacy aspect. If you cannot build a detached bedroom, then you may add sound barriers between the room and the hubbub of the house.

Lighting Makes the Master Bedroom Suite Brighter

Proper lighting can greatly improve the aesthetics and functionality of your bedroom. Add warm, soft lights to create an environment that facilitates relaxation. Walk-in closets, sitting areas, reading space, and fireplaces should also be well lit. You may also consider adding a dimmer switch to create a more romantic personal space.

Colors to Create a Peaceful Personal Space

The choice of color is largely influenced by your personal preferences. If you want to create a calm and peaceful environment, choose blues and other neutral shades. Look for reds and yellows to warm things up. It is also very important to consider the color of your furniture. Choose a color theme that complements the furniture and makes the master suite look more spacious.

Must-Have Amenities for Your Master Bedroom Suite

master bedroom suite gas fireplaceThere are certain amenities that should be added to a master bedroom suite to make it look luxurious and comfortable. Walk-in closets, walk-in showers, and well-built grooming stations are must to transform a bedroom into a master bedroom suite. If you want to have your own cozy spot for reading or watching TV, you may consider building a sitting area beside the fireplace.

Estimating the Cost of a Master Bedroom Suite

Master bedroom suite is the most expensive and most luxurious improvement you can make to your home. However, it is very important to have an idea about the average cost of constructing a master bedroom suite and their return on investment.

According to a report by the Remodeling magazine, constructing a master bedroom costs somewhere around $125,000 to $250,000, depending on the quality and range of fixtures and finishes. The return on investment is not very impressive, and varies from state to state. In the Pacific region of the US, the average return on investing in a master bedroom suite is 74 percent. While in the east-north-central part, the ROI drops to 43 percent only. But it’s not always about money. A well-built master bedroom suite can give you years of invaluable comfort and privacy.

AmenitiesAverage Cost
Walk-in showers$3,000 to $5,000
Walk-in closets$3,000 to $8,000
Grooming stations$2,500 to $5,000
Heated bathroom flooring$1,500 to $5,000
Deep soaking tub$3,000 to $5,000
Balcony or patio$3,500 to $6,000
Sitting area with fireplace$3,000 to $6,000
Hot tub$3,000 to $5,000

Planning a Master Bedroom Suite on Budget

Many people assume that designing and planning a master bedroom suite is just for rich people. As a matter of fact, you can have a master bedroom suite as well even if you have a limited budget. Remodeling is an excellent way to transform your current bedroom into a master bedroom.

If you have a low budget, you can remodel your spacious garage or storeroom into a master bedroom suite. Add architectural elements that make the space look more functional and bigger. Bring in more light and shelving that resembles the walk-in closets.

If you have a mid-range budget, you may save money by purchasing essential bedroom suite materials from local stores. Bedroom suite materials include lights, cabinets, and floor tiles. Purchasing these materials from a larger home improvement store usually costs more; therefore, prefer buying them from local home improvement stores.

The possibilities are unlimited for people who want to build a high-end master bedroom suite. Design your custom plan and focus on your most desired elements to create an environment where you can relax and enjoy.

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