Smell Does your home smell like rotten eggs or ammonia (sometimes a sweetish smell)? Is it more noticeable when entering your home and then seems to dissipate? The level of odor varies greatly in each home as does each person’s ability to detect the odor. Of course, the strength of the odor also depends on how much drywall was used in the home. Significantly, some homeowners report no smell, but their home clearly has Chinese drywall. In short, do not rely on your nose alone.

Air Conditioner:
Have you had repeated A/C problems? Have you replaced your evaporator coils?

Do they look like this?

Coils less than 3 years old

Clean coils

Corroded Copper Tubing

Normal Copper Tubing

Chinese drywall corrodes electrical wiring. Check the electrical receptacles in your walls to see if the wires are blackened. Pull off the electrical plate and look inside. Obviously, do not touch anything – you could get shocked. There should be a copper wire inside. The breaker panel should also be checked.
Chinese drywall may also corrode your copper water lines so check behind your refrigerator and under your sink. Metals such as chrome, brass and silver may also be affected. Bathroom and kitchen faucets and drains are typically tarnished in homes with Chinese drywall.

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